Where am I?
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Just a quick note about the "Where am I?" page.

I'm using the wonderful SpotGPS Messenger which allows me to
1) send 2 different messages
2) send my position every 10 minutes
3) tell my family I need assistance
4) send an SOS

Whilst travelling to Mongolia and back I will only be logging my position at the end of the day but I will not use the "10 minutes tracking" feature. I may use it when I get to Mongolia just so you can see how tough the going is...no tarmac for 750 miles!
The device tells you my geographical co-ordinates of where I am/was at the time the signal was sent via GPS. It does not show you a track log of the route I took.
The track log only covers 7 days so it will expunge the oldest day to replace it with a new day!
Please click here to see the latest journey from my daily SPOT updates.


Click on the map below to see the entire route so far*. This is manually updated and is approximate.

Route so far