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Now the Van.....

We bought the van on 4th June 2013. It had a run to Switzerland and France so I could ride the Swiss Crazy Run - See www.joatmoa.com
This photo was taken where I bought the van, near Manchester, on the day I bought it
Outside my house
A side view. The 3 photos above were taken before I started the conversion.
The LH side window was the first to go in. I cut the holes by hand and made a reasonable job of getting it level to the van.
You can see the inside was already lined with plywood and the new window looks OK.
A couple of days later and I had the RH side one done
Now there are two windows
Next item to go on was the "wind-out" awning. The roof needed to be reinforced first.
Then the rear roof vent was fitted.
This is the view from our landing window showing the new roof vent which doubles as an emergency exit.
Then the floor was insulated - First a layer of carpet underlay individually cut to fill the grooves...
...then a layer of 3mm foam followed by a 12mm layer of plywood....
...finally a layer of non-slip Altro vinyl flooring and some expensive edging for the rear door and the side door.
More holes were cut in the roof for the final 2 vents. The front one is over the habitation area and the middle one is over the shower/toilet room.
A close-up view
Then we started work on the inside. the roof was battened and the first layer of insulation went in. It's a "double bubble, double foil" system. Under this went some dacron/polyester material and finally some more green 3mm foam. The roof should withstand extreme temperatures now.
At the same time we insulated the roof, but the fluffy, reconstituted water bottles, insulation and the spray-on glue caused quite a few problems!
We bought two decals for the front and rear. This was an attempt by us to stop it looking like a big, white, van. Front and .......
...rear. Same decals but the rear show up better because of the angle.
When we bought the van in June, I ordered two new seats for the front. This would allow us to mount them on swivels and use them as part of the habitation area. The old double, passenger seat and the...
Driver's seat were sold on Ebay....
...and the new seats were fitted to lowered plinths. Two armrests per seat, the abilty to swivel round as well as being far more comfortable than the original Renault seats. Great!
So this photo was taken this morning - 12th December 2013 - and shows the wall panels finally fitted and sealed. The roof all fitted and sealed as well as the electric wiring waiting for me to fit the lights and switches.
13th December 2013
The 4 living room lights are on a seperate circuit to the Bedroom lights and the Shower room light is on it's own circuit and not powered in this photo.
A slow day but the lights are wired up, but not fitted to the ceiling as the ceiling has to be carpetted.

And this is with them turned off!

Conclusion...these lights are only 2watts so with all 10 on (two in the garage/lower bedroom yet to be fitted) that's only 1.6amps. LED is a winner!

January 2014
I haven't been sat doing nothing. It's all been tedious work that all came together today.

The double bed has been manufactured by Mike and me, with a headboard that has a hatch in it to load the van. It's the white rectangle above. The wood has been painted on the underside and the backside of the headboard but it has been carpetted on the other side 9the living area. The white paint will make the garage a bit brighter for when it's the Grandchildren's bedroom.

The hatch can be seen in the headboard. It has a small push to pull open catch to lock it in place. I still have to carpet the NS (right-hand in the photo) wall of the bedroom.

With the hatch open it is easier to load the van with the stuff that will live in the cabinets that will surround the bedroom - yet to be made!

The shower/toilet room has all been coated in white 1.5mm plastic to keep it waterproof. The joints will be sealed with silicone sealer after the blue protective wrapping has been removed. The hole at the back, where you can see my garage door through, is for the drop down wash basin and the hole to the left near the floor is for emptying the cassette toilet.
14th Feb 2014
The "new-to-me" motorbike turned up yesterday and with the screen removed (6 bolts) it went straight into the van. I had to remove the numberplate to shut the door but that's OK.
The bike isn't tied down yet as it will need a bit of "fine tuning" to get it so that it takes up the least amount of space. The Sealey FPS6 front wheel chock needs to be bolted to the floor but seems to do a good job without taking up a lot of valuable space.
The mirrors do not need to be removed either, just rotated on their, sprung loaded, mountings.
10th March 2014
There has been quite a lot of work carried out in the last month but no photos as it's all quite small stuff which has taken a long time. However, I put the graphics on the outside of the van today so it begins to look like a motorcaravan...
The hot water and hot air heaters have been fitted, the shower wall has been fitted...again! The glue I used for one wall failed so I had to get the original, good glue and refit the right hand wall! I've also fitted the shower hose and tap as well as the first aid cabinet. The wall on the outside of the shower has been carpeted, the bike rack has been bolted down and the door for the toilet cassette has been fitted. Photos to follow soon.
OK, so I took and hour out to add some photos.....
Aluminium Gas Bottle holder. This has yet to be screwed down and vented but it will hold 2 gas bottles allowing me to carry 11kgs of Propane gas. The blue box in front of the container is the Propex Hot Air Heater. This will warm the lounge, the shower unit and the garage/kiddywinks bedroom. That last bit still has to be fitted as the cabinet hasn't been built where the vent will be located.
The white box is the Propex Malaga Water Heater. Next to it is the Sealey FPS6 motorbike wheel holder (called a chock) which has the entry piece removed as I will be adapting that to make it easier to use. To the left, on the carpeted wall is the door that allows entrance to the toilet cassette.
Close up of the water heater and the wheel chock.
Toilet cassette door seen from the lounge area. You will not be able to see this from the lounge as there will be a wall between the kiddywinks bedroom/garage and the lounge.
The shower unit. The drop down basin is framed using black plastic trim. The shower hose has a trigger operated shower head and an adjustable tap mounted to the wall. The vent from the heater is down at the bottom of the wall. The First Aid cabinet is the bathroom cupboard.
A shot of the shower basin dropped down. It empties when you tip it back into the wall.
The hot water heater and bike wheel chock seen from the lounge.