Welcome to the Vee-Twin Tour of France '05
VeeTToF '05
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Diary of the Event
Richard lost passport between control and check-in. They found it thank goodness. Crossing very smooth. Journey to Paris OK, but Gay Pride Rally causing chaos on peripherique. Battled on and arrived at Roger's at 19.45. 140 miles to Dover. 144 to fill-up, 112 to R's. Marie-Claire, Gilbert, Marie-Dominique, Stephan, Astride, Thomas. John pissed as usual -Roger did his best. Food included Rice with eggs, prawns, Tuna, and possibly Squid! Richard's rear brake boiled it's fluid.
We went to St Pere-sur-Loire and got some Dot 5.1 bled the brake and it's OK. Had lunch, washed bikes and vamoosed. We've been invited to dinner with Marie-Rose. Got back to garage to fill up but it was shut. Pressed on and after I fell over on a closed forecourt, dropping the bike gently to the ground. Richard helped me to pick it up. A good Frenchman paid for the fuel at a Super-U. We reimbursed him with cash. Filled at144. Filled up again at 131. We stopped in Decize. Buffalo'd at Bourg-en-Bresse. Arrived at F1 21.45.
Col de Forclaz, Col de Tamie, lunch in hotel garden well appreciated. Cormet de Roseland, Col de L'Iseran [highest], Col de Mont Cenis, round the lake off road, meet John at Italian border. Back to snack at Modane and "tea" in McD's at St Jean de Maurienne. Fast blast back on main road but "arse" round Lac Annecy, both sides.
Bus'd into Annecy. Walked along lakeside and old town. Very clean. Lunch outside a cafe [arcade] and bus'd back to F1. Then biked to Thones and up Col de Croix Fry and then Col d'Aravis. On to Megeve and the worst road of the trip to St Gervais-les-Bains and Chamonix. Bought strawberries and cherries at a Super U in St Gervais and 2 thermal bottle holders. Back to a poor Buffalo Grill in Epagny, no steaks! I tried Rich's helmet but it is not appreciably quieter than mine!
Left F1 at about 9:15. Detoured thro' Annecy 'cos of roadworks. Turned off at Sevrier and followed a beautiful road (D912/D911) to Aix-les-Bains. Then round the back of Chambery to Les Echelles - where it rained quite heavily - and into Voiron. Lunch at Supermarche (Carrefour)watching lightening hitting the mountains, and into Chatreuse Distillery for a guided tour by Katie, an English gal studying .French in Grenoble! Met a chatty young American girl from Colorado. Came to Grenoble by way of the Charmont Som. Had choccy/coffee at bistro at top. Top totty stop, the serving girl had a beautiful smile. There was a kitten called 'Ri Ri' who had great fun trying to catch flies. Reached B&B just before a downpour. Repaired climatisee but turned it down too far and John n Rich too hot in night. Supper was at the Italian Restaurant on the way to Uriage. Rich n mine lasagne was cold and they didn't apologise!
John n Rich too hot so we're turning the air con up full tonight! Took back route to Vizille, then N85 to go up Col de Noyer. Had drink and tarte au maison after riding out to the point. Then on to St Etienne de Devoluy, Col de Festre, lunch at Veynes Super U and back North on N75. Turning off to do Col de Grimone and Col Menee where Rich did some tunnel testing sans casque (click here for sound file), back to Uriage for a cuppa and then tea in the Buffalo Grill where we had Chateaubriande Steak, very nice.
I went my own way today as I wanted to ride Col d'Izoard and Col d'Agnel - which I did! I rode several miles into Italy to Pontechianale before turning round and heading back to meet Rich n John at B d'Oisans at 1pm. I bought a present for Bundy from the Magasin d'Artisans in La Ville Veiux. We had lunch - very good value - and I rode over the back route from Sechillienne to Chamrousse. R n J got held up in the rain. We then went into Grenoble on the bus and Rich did some shopping. We returned on the bus and grabbed a McD's for T!
Rich arranged to catch this evenings ferry (an extra £30) so we set off after I had arranged with Brenda to cancel Orgeval B&B and book us into the F1 at St Witz. Rich stayed with us until just after Roanne and then set off to blast back to Boulogne. We carried on at a more sedate pace stopping for a McD's in Moulin and arriving at the F1 at 7:10. Our room is quite cool! Spoke too soon, just got back from the BG (crap meat but good profiteroles but poor, slow service) and the room is quite hot!
Noisy night in hotel with disco next door until 4am! Bike electrics playing up still, convinced it's the rectifer or connection. Left Hotel at 8.45 and took a steady ride back to Boulogne and managed to get very expensive petrol - 1.299€ per litre! Booked in for 2pm ferry and it's already 40 minutes behind! Arrived in port at 3.45 but couldn't berth until 4.35! Got on road at 5pm and arrived home at 9.10pm

At the top of the Col du Noyer

My Garmin Quest showing me parked on the International Boundary between Italy and France on The Col d'Agnel/Colle Dell'Agnello 9033ft high!

There it is parked on the Col d'Agnel - That's where Hannibal took his elephants on a Club 18-30 holiday in Italy!

This is the Rock that has all the plaques commemorating the conquering armies as they passed over the Col d'Agnel
The tour for this year - 2005 - will start from home. This could be considered a good place to start as it's where we all keep our bikes!
Travelling to the highly secret rendezvous in Bishops Waltham on Friday 24th June we will tunnel over the sea to arrive in the small, sleepy, French town of Boulougne. This will catch the natives unawares as who would have the audacity to arrive by boat - "Whatgermeen, there's already a ferry there? Who on the escape commitee passed that one?"
Starting Saturday 25th June '05 and finishing on Sunday 3rd July '05
We'll be heading off to St Benoit Sur Loire to see Cousin Roger and hopefully blag a free night. Then it's off to Annecy and the F1 Hotel where we'll spend the next 3 nights discovering the Northern Alps.
Then it's on to the B&B Hotel at Grenoble to explore the Southern Alps for 3 nights.
The last night will be at Orgeval on the outskirts of Paris where we've stayed before.
Terms & Conditions
You must be riding a V-twin motorbike to qualify
As per usual, hotels and meals will be divied up.
Answers on a e-mail postcard with ideas where to go please? Suggestion, the Tour de France starts on the Ille de Noirmoutier on the 2nd July????
25 Sat 11:15 Ferry - Stay at Roget's (N47 48.719 E2 18.986)
26 Sun Annecy (Formule 1£144.61 Booking ref 369124) Impasse des Marais, 74370 Argonay (N45 56.536 E6 07.960)
27 Mon Annecy (Formule 1)
28 Tue Annecy (Formule 1)
29 Wed Grenoble (B&B £140.96 Booking Ref 450400) Zone d'Activite de Mayencin, 3 Allee du perou, gieres (N45 11.379 E5 46.739)
30 Thur Grenoble (B&B)
1 Fri Grenoble (B&B)
2 Sat Orgeval (B&B £45.38 Booking Ref 432285) Carrefour St Germain CD113 Orgeval (N48 55.739 E1 58.781)
3 Sun 14:00 Ferry - Home (N50 43.543 E1 35.883)