The Fabulous Swiss Crazy Run 2014


In 2012 and 2013 I managed to take part in the Swiss Crazy Runs. Unfortunately I had a small problem in my head which meant I was not allowed to ride a bike or drive a car! Please see HERE if you wish to learn why I couldn't.

So, an offer from my Cousin, Nick Carter - who lives in Great Rollright, and we flew out to Geneva from Bristol on EasyJet and then hired a car from Alamo.

Yan met us and took us to an amazing little restaurant where Nick had a Salad but I settled for an amazing Steak and Chips that had a small dollop of butter which made the whole meal taste amazing. Possibly the second best steak I'd ever had.

Then Yan filled our car with stuff he needed for Cedo and Valerie and said goodbye as Nick and I drove to Estavayer-le-Gibloux to stay with Cedo and Valerie.

We arrived at 5pm'ish and met everyone and the bedroom was available for the 2 of us. This was great as it kept quiet and I could get a good nights sleep as my brain wasn't working brilliantly after the 5 weeks and 2 days Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.

Thursday - 19th June 2014. Cedo was, at first 41 years old but was 48 by the time we had sung "Happy Birthday" so many times. It was a well chilled day for me and Nick so we didn't go anywhere. Chilling....and extra chilling. This day was also a Religious Day and everything was closed. The Swiss Crazy Run people were trying to find food and it was quite difficult as most places were shut.

Friday - 20th, Yan, his wife - Manon, Nick and me went to see the Indian and Victory seller near BERN

Bernstrasse 30
3267 Aspi b. Seedorf BE
T 032 373 40 73

Ha! I'd e-mailed the owner to make sure they had the Indian Chieftain and he'd replied to say "Yes".

They used to be a Harley-Davidson dealer as well but were selling all of the Indian's and Victory's so they'd dropped the H-D group. The Indian Chieftain is 1cm shorter than the H-D Electra Guide and much easier to work on. The Indian Warranty is 5 years. You can change the rear tyre in under an hour (20mins). The rear drive belt can be changed in a maximum of 1 hour. The Indian only uses 1 oil and that's 5.5lts of semi-synthetic oil every 5,000 miles.

Yep! I'm liking one rather too well. Cheaper in the UK though! VAT in Switzerland is 8% but 20% VAT, in the UK, brings the price to the same amount.

In the afternoon, Yan and Manon (wife) took me to the Jaunpass where we knew the Swiss Crazy Gang would be there shortly after we got there. Then I managed to get the photo of all of them, as I thought, until Christian turned up 20 minutes later so he got a photo of just him and his bike!

Here are some of the photos.....