The Blobfish Extraction Strategy - or
"What's B.E.ST for Andrew E Lander Stow"!

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On February 17th, whilst talking to HMRC about income tax (probably what started it all off) I had a problem reading! This, I thought, was a migraine. I've never had headaches or migraines but I had an incident a few years back where I lost a part of my vision for a couple of hours.

The non-reading event elapsed after a few minutes.

Then, on the 17th March I realised than something was wrong and went to see a Doctor. She said I had had a stroke. No! I hadn't had a stroke. My IQ is high enough for me to judge, quite efficiently, the difference between a stroke and what I had wrong with me. The Doc said I needed a CT scan and she would inform the Hospital. She also said that after my stroke, I wasn't allowed to drive for a month. Lucky it had happened a month ago then...even more lucky (or not as it turned out) was the fact I knew it wasn't a stroke.

On the 19th March I drove up to Castle Douglas and on the 20th - a Thursday -I carried out a service/repair of an interactive climbing wall for Dumfries and Galloway Council. I lost more words in my head than I could believe. It got steadily worse as I drove home but I never had a problem with driving for 9.5hrs.

21st March

I got up at 8am and told Brenda I had a problem. She rang the Ivybridge Health Centre to get an appointment with a Doc. She also rang Katie, our daughter, who rang NHS111. They rang me and after realising that I was regressing into a small furry animal, they spoke with Brenda. A few minutes later the ambulance turned up and Brenda and I were carted off to Derriford Hospital.

Yes, you've had a stroke....No, I bloody well haven't. I win, especially when they find a tumour in my brain. Just above the left ear.

I was in Derriford Hospital for 4 days as they poked around and did another CT scan (of my body and thighs) and a full MRI Scan of my head and body. I was given 16mg of Dexomethasone to take per day (bloody evil steroids) and told that they would look into it. Home on the 24th March.

An evil week culminating with an appointment to see Miss Anne Moor - the Super-Duper Surgeon.

Read on....

31st March 2014

At 2pm today we met a most wonderful Surgeon in Derriford Hospital. She is Miss Nice Surgeon and she has changed my life. Please note that the word is life?

Richard, Katie, Brenda, Mike and Heidi were in my attendance and Mike stayed in the waiting room to look after Heidi. We spent 1 hour 20 minutes with this charming woman who told us all the details of what she could do for us.

I'd sent her an e-mail this morning and she had read the "Me" website. I warned her that she would now need counselling and, if she'd spoken out loud, she would need her mouth washed out with soap!

She laughed quite well.

Now let me explain the past week....We had no information. Was I going to have an early Christmas or did life go on. Most of you won't know the answer to that one...I didn't! Neither did Brenda, Katie, Richard or anyone else in the family.

To those people who cannot feel the angst, grief, pain, annoyance, anger, despair, confusion, tiredness...there are too many things to talk about there but it has been a very traumatic week. I've had superb friends who understood what was happening, and I had family who really didn't understand what was going on.

Today we had a result and here it is, very much simplified I'm afraid because I'm on a high right now. Not the manic high you've seen on the other webpage. A "HIGH" where life is good and life continues. I don't know how long but it's better than checking out and leaving Brenda so early.

So what's happening? Miss Nice Surgeon is going to carry out a Blobfish Ectomy. Hah! That got you. Because I didn't know what this lump, just above my left ear, was, I called it a Blobfish. it looked similar and I figured a Blobfish would be benign.

1) I will have a check up this week to make sure I'm OK to operate on.

2) I will then arrive at Derriford Hospital on a day to be set at 7am to have a 2 to 3 hour Blobfish Ectomy. This will be a removal of bone from above my left ear and then in and get it Batman.

3) I will be sent to Recovery for about 4 to 5 hours (it may be Intensive Care as they use both)

4) Then it's on to Moorgate Ward for a two or three days.

5) Back home with Brenda. We'll receive good care from several people as I'll be a bit knackered and I may have a temporary paralysis in my right arm and speech cortex. That'll be a the maximum problems I should have and the kids said that would please them if I didn't talk anyway!

6) Radio Therapy...two different types so I can't say which until after the operation.

7) Chemotherapy by pills from what I understand.


If you wonder why I'm so happy...the pressure has gone. This is a normal operation, by an excellent Miss Nice Surgeon, who gave me confidence today that I will still have Brenda for some more time.

Yes, there will be problems. I still have to take the horrible drugs. I still have to be careful and not drive the car. Possibly a year!


Go on, win the Lottery and see if you are as happy as me?


By the by, I've hidden the old Moon Pond Three site

I'm surprised by the number of people that couldn't follow my descent into lunacy because they didn't understand what I was going through with only 12 hours sleep in 7 days. Bye Bye, you won't be coming back.

Those that didn't...I'm not sorry, I'm not a forgiving man as I have an amazing family that did understand.


1st April 2014 and this Fool is a Happy Fool

Pre-operation Assessment 2nd April (tomorrow) at 09.10 (but it's not quick) and then 07.00 Operation on 3rd April! Worried....NO! Mainly 'cos I'm too stupid and happy to understand.


2nd April 2014

Quick update...

The pre-op assessment is extremely thorough and covers more than I could remember. I passed everything and the only downside was that the MRSA bug test could not be completed before the operation tomorrow. To aleviate this problem I have some natty shit to stick up my nose 3 times a day and some Bob Martin's Flea powder Dog Shampoo that I have to wash in. 25ml all over including the hair! The Nurse said that it smells like Bob Martin's but I can wash myself with my soap straight afterwards if I want.

So, I've got this natty bottle of gunge that makes you smell like a dog but it was free. Did anyone want to guess what the Nurses, Doctors and Surgeons will be smelling tomorrow when they meet me? Let's face it...Free...enough for a couple of weeks...Fido will be at Derriford at 7am tomorrow to have the Blobfish Extract Strategy.

This will be my last posting for a while as I will be drugged and I'm really looking forward to it.



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