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Diary - Feb 17th '14 to 2nd April '14

Diary 1 - 6th April '14 to 10th April '14

Diary 2 - 12th April '14 to 23rd April '14

Diary 3 - 24th April 2014 to 2nd May '14 (My Birthday)

Diary 4 - 6th May '14 to 9th May '14

Diary 5 - 12th May '14 to 21st May '14

Diary 6 - 21st May '14 to 17th June '14


21st May 2014

OK, so it takes 3 days for the dex-I-hate-you pills to drop off from 2mg per day to 1mg per day. I should have taken the sleeping tablets last night!

I visited the Mustard Tree/Macmillan Centre today and they've booked a couple of sessions of complementary therapy. Reflexology and Craniosacral Therapy. The second one may not happen as it involves head massage and with a 5" hole still healing up...?

Never mind. They also loaned me some CDs to listen to to help me meditate. This should give me a more relaxed head and allow me to sleep. 1 of the CDs was very good and I'll be trying that out when it's a bit more peaceful and I'm not quite so tired.

Bad news today...the wonderful Samantha has had a glitch in her recovery and will need to go to Derriford Hospital all day everyday for the forseeable future. this isn't good news as it's half-term next week and the kids will only see her at night time! Please see

Bed time and two "sleep-you-b*std" pills will be employed tonight. Let's hope I can get at least 6 hours in?

22nd May 2014

YES! 6 hours sleep and all it took was a reduction of Dexamethasone and 2 sleeping tablets. Ready to Rock the World this morning.

I did the Therapy, did the blood giving so they can check to see if everything is OK and then it was a chaffeur driven limo (actually, Brenda driving our Megane) to Croyde to see our friends, Jim and Alison. They have a lovely B&B in Croyde which is well worth going to as the local food is very good.

Lunch at the local pub consisted of a very large meal for me - 4 hours later and I still cannot manage pudding - but a soup starter followed by the largest Sticky Toffee Pudding for Brenda! I've never seen her eat so much pudding!

We arrived back home at 5.15 and I'm looking forward to having at least 6+ hours sleep tonight.

Tomorrow brings a new twist though. The blood results should be with the Lloyds Pharmacy on Friday morning but my Therapy is at 08.54. I should be out at 09.15 and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have the long wait for the prescription to be ready. If I don't get it then I have no Chemo pills for Monday! Brenda is taking me in and bringing me home so there's no timing issue to get home other than we have Paul and Lyn coming to see us tomorrow morning, so I don't want to be later than 10.00 to get home!

23rd May 2014

It was a good morning trip with Sam and I being dropped off at the Hospital and Brenda driving home. Sam's in Hospital until 9pm and I was off to have the radiotherapy. I was booked in for 8.54 but managed to get it done and out by 08.56! Lloyds Pharmacy had rung the Radiologists to say my prescription was ready and I went straight there. The only thing I had to correct was the tummy settling pills as I haven't used one pill from the first two weeks so I told them to remove the next weeks worth as I don't need them.

Then it was time to realise that it was only 09.06 and I can't catch a bus FOC until 09.30! Back into the Hospital, up to 10th floor to see my friend Sister Juliet, a very quick chat as she was busy and then 10 mins to find where Sam was and go and make sure she was OK and then down to catch the bus at 09.30!

Back home by 10.35 and Paul and Lyn turned up around 11.30. Brenda had to take her sister, Jenny, to Totnes train station so when she returned at 1pm the 4 of us went off to have lunch at the hunting Lodge Pub at Cadleigh. It was an OK meal and back home for a bit of Brenda's amazing chocolate cake - which is much better than OK!

After Paul and Lyn had headed home, Esteban and Denise called in so I was quite worn out by the time I went to bed. Two Sleep-u-b*std pills and I was out for the count until nearly 6am. A good night's sleep. Only downside to the reduction of the Dexamethasone is that my blood pressure is increasing!

24th May 2014

I took the 3 x Chemo pills, 2 x Anti-biotics and 2 x 0.5mg Dex tablets at 06.15 but my blood pressure was a bit too high so a 5mg Ramipril was swallowed. MISTAKE! I really needed a 2.5mg one! Darned pressure was checked at lunch time and I was running on flat tyres...108/72 and a 67 pulse. Too low and it made me feel tired all day.

Still, a cake delivery was held in Welbro's car park and enabled Paul Ozanne, Roy, Ian and me to have cakes without me entering South Hams Tool Hire. I really don't understand the owner of SHTH as he'd texted me the night before telling me not to visit Paul the following morning as he was going to be busy! I never even said I was going there but as he told me not too go, I delivered a cake to Paul via Welbro's car park. I did not go onto SHTH property. I reckon the boss isn't playing with a full deck. That would explain some of his family as well.

Esteban picked me up at 10am and we went to MST/Parkins in Lee Mill where Esteban was in his element. Lots of stuff he could buy when he needs it but today he needed CT1 to mend Denise's lodge. It's cheaper there than anywhere else. If you don't know what CT1 is, you need to look it up as it is the BEST sealant/adhesive you can get!

I bought a metre of chain as I need 4 links to weld onto the m/bike wheel chock. £2!

The rest of the day was spent vegging out at home snoozing and watching TV. Brenda went to get Sam from the Hospital at 22.30 and will be back shortly I hope.

25th May 2014

Brenda was looking after Kristian and Evie today so I, after a reasonable nights sleep, decided I would do a 10 mile ride on my mountain bike. This would have worked OK if it hadn't rained! I called in to see Len and Margaret at Smitherleigh and got home at 11.30ish. The rest of the day was a copy of Saturday other than I cut the grass first before vegging out. The downside of the weekend is the Anti-biotics. They tend to upset my tummy just enough to make me want to stay and do nothing. Oh well, only 3 weeks to go.

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday but I'm being radiotherapied at 12.42.

There's now a link to my GPS Tracker on the top of this page. It doesn't work brilliantly when in small lanes and under trees, but it does work so my family know roughly where I am.

26th May 2014

A bit of a crap morning as a night's sleep didn't really happen very much for me. I got up at 7am but was back in bed at 10.30 for an hours kip. I still think it was the anti-biotics from Sat and Sun that screwed me up!

Appointment was at 12.42 but they were running late as it is a Bank Holiday after all. All sorted by 1.30ish and straight off to the Plympton Subway Restaurant. I was so hungry that I inhaled a 12" Sub!

I did very little in the afternoon except cut a piece of wood into 4 to make the connecting joints for my new workbench.

The rest of the week I have pre-9am appointments so it should be a fairly easy week. Added to this is Brenda's Haematology appointment tomorrow at 09.30 and my appointment with the Super-duper surgeon on Wednesday at 10am. Half-way for Radio Therapy is on Thursday. Yippeeee!

27th May 2014

It was an odd day as the Radiotherapy was early and I didn't feel 100% all day. We called in to the supermarket and bought a litre of Caribbean Spiced Rum (Capt Morgan) and 2 bottles of neat Coke. Then I realised that the coke had caffeine in so the idea that I could consume alcohol and sleep was outweighed by drinking coffee and staying awake for 4 hours! I'll try it at the weekend...sometime! The rest of the day was spent with a small stomach twist. That sort of describes a bad tummy but I only noticed it when I was sat still. If I had something to do, all was OK. As soon as I stopped...slightly bad tummy. I'm trying the Omeprazole tomorrow and see if that cures it. I think it's probably to do with the 3rd week of Radiotherapy and a build up of too many drugs.

Sam had a setback as they couldn't do her anti-virus 3rd treatment (per day) until 01.30 tomorrow. Brenda and I drove in with a carrier bag full of night clothes for her. So although we didn't get to bring her home, we got to drive to Derriford again!

28th May 2014


I had 5 hours sleep (new record for May I think) and was awake from 4am to 6am and then had an extra hour...but just dozing really. The Radiotherapy was for 08.48 and I managed to get my blood taken for the weekly test by 09.20.

Then it was off to see the Wizard....NO, the wonderful surgeon who saved my life so promptly. Her name is Miss Anne Moore and she is full of laughter so she cheers me up when we get to talk. Brenda did a lot of the talking explaining how I'd been between diagnosis, operation, recovery and through Radio/Chemo therapy. Basically it went "He was totally nuts, then just nuts after the operation and then as he started to go totally nuts again, Oncology dropped the Dexamethasone to 1mg and he's back at nuts again!" I'd agree with that but I also pointed out that even though I was totally nuts, then nuts and back to totally nuts, I enjoyed the experience and nobody got hurt. Yes, I knew what was wrong and I enjoyed the ride. It was the Dex-I-Hate-You that causes all the problems and Miss Anne Moore said they'd only ever had one other person who had suffered from the drug like me.

Then Super-duper Surgeon said that they were signing me off from Neurology and handing me over to Oncology. They will only see me again if Oncology do a CT scan and say "It's time to use a spoon in his head again!" The CT scan will only take place when the Radiotherapy has finished and I've had time to recover, which I believe is 3 months. September is the next "Cross your fingers and hope to live" month I think!

The bad news today was the next two R/T appointments have been delayed because they have one of the three Radiotherapy machines down - I wonder if it's Radio GaGa?

Omeprazole didn't work for long so tomorrow I'm trying the Domperidone instead.

30th May 2014

Domperidone doesn't work for me so now it's a diet change to increase food that won't create a bloating effect on my stomach. This involves more fruit and less vegetables like onion and beans which are both my favourites. It also means that the amazingly gorgeous 12" Sub I got last night did me no favours. Shame, it was delicious as a 6" last night and a further 6" for lunch today!

This is also a bad day from sleep deprivation as the night was 4 hours and the day was zero as the phone kept ringing. I didn't answer it but the ringing sound kept me awake during the 1.30 to 2.30 snooze. I feel very tired tonight but I'm sure that tomorrow will be worse as it's "Anti-Boptic Days" for Sat and Sun! This always seems to upset me.

The good news is that there is only 12 more R/therapys to go.