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Diary - Feb 17th '14 to 2nd April '14

Diary 1 - 6th April '14 to 10th April '14

Diary 2 - 12th April '14 to 23rd April '14

Diary 3 - 24th April 2014 to 2nd May '14 (My Birthday)

Diary 4 - 6th May '14 to 9th May '14

Diary 5 - 12th May '14 to 21st May '14

Diary 6 - 21st May '14 to 17th June '14


6th May 2014

Today was the appointment with Oncology to make me a Face Mask and do a CT scan of my head. Brenda took me in, as I'm still not allowed to drive, and dropped me off so she could go and see Samantha.

I read my Kindle device for a good time before I noticed them calling my was the third time they'd called but unfortunately it was a good Science Fiction book!

So now the fun began....

Three amazing girls who had a laugh with a Patient (me, not very patient at times) as they made a face mask by heating the device up in water and then pulling it down my head from nose to back of head....

This photo is a bit out of focus but you can almost see my head resting on a plastic brick whilst the mask cools off. It is pulled over my face like being washed with an extra soft , not too hot, flannel. Then you lay there until it cools down..approximately 15 minutes.
Remember that this starts off flat!
It's not a good look and if the table/bed had been more comfortable I would have had a sleep.
I've been lasered!

When it was removed, the girls (actually rather good looking women but don't let Brenda know please) waited until it cooled right down as it shrinks slightly. It is interesting to know that this is a memory plastic that will flatten out if it's heated up again. When it is cooler they put it back on and it is a touch tighter which means my head will not move making the Radio-Therapy target easier to keep still.

Then one of the girls sticks a Canular up my left-hand and pumps me full of saline, then a liquid that lights up any remains of the Blobfish. This is followed by more saline and the scan is carried out. The whole adventure took 75mins from start to finish.

Now for the fun part. I'd asked the girls to use my camera and take the photos, which they did quite willingly. I also asked them to take a photo of the metal bits holding my skull together. I knew that they'd see them ont he CT scan....

At 12, 5 and 8.30 o'clock are the metal dog bones and screws holding my skull in one piece.
Now in a different colour and with laser guidance.
NO! That's not me but you'll see that Homer had more brain than I have!
To top the day off, Brenda took me to see Katie and the kids but Heidi was asleep and Jessica was not feeling grand as she was sniffling a bit. Brenda said we'd go home and I said I was going by bus. My bus pass had turned up on Saturday and was 'hot to trot' today at the grand old age of 62 and 4 days old. I caught the George, Park and Ride, PR1 from near Katie's house, into Plymouth. I walked through the Town (I could have stayed on the bus but I liked the idea of walking through the Town) and found the A10 bus stop and waited 20 mins for the 45 to leave at 14.10 and arrived in Ivybridge at 14.35. OK, it took 1 hour 15 minutes from Katie's to Ivybridge but it cost £0!

Sat in the top of the bus, gently sliding off the seat everytime the brakes where used. This was a shot from the PR1 going into Plymouth.

The next dates are 16th May -my mate Robin Hill's 62 birthday - for a dummy run at the radio-therapy and a talk about it. Then starting the actual therapy off on Monday 19th May. Bring it on, I can't wait!

A fabulous day.


7th May 2014

Can it get better? I don't think so. I just had a call from Oncology and they're starting my radiotherapy on the 12th May and it will finish the day before I fly off to Switzerland with Nick - my cousin - for the Swiss Crazy Race 2014. WOW! I'm so happy.

I have 3 appointments on Friday 9th (2 days time) to have a consultation with Dr Kelly (lovely man with great socks) followed by a "Start of Treatment Review" and finishing with an "Onset Verification" where they do a dummy run to make sure the mask works and they have the settings correct. This takes about 1.5hrs.

The treatment is only about 15 mins but probably 30 mins when you've logged in etc.


8th May 2014

Tough night as I dropped my steroids (dexo-I-hate-you) pills to one per day. This will probably set the alarms off in Oncology tomorrow but it stops my "putty head" firing up all neurons in the night and allows me to sleep a bit better. It didn't do wonders last night but I'm hoping it will be better when the steroid level drops a bit.

9th May 2014

YES! It worked. I slept from 22.30 to 03.05 and then rolled over and went back to sleep until 06.00. That is 3 times longer than I've managed since the 8th April.

Oncology at Noon. I'm looking forward to it..

Took a bit longer as Dr Kelly had an emergency to attend. When he did get to see me he mentioned that because of my good condition (Bob Martin's for a Glossy Coat and a Wet Nose) he was happy to push the radiotherapy on and get it done by the 17th June. This is good news as it will finish the day before I leave for Switzerland. He then told me I'd feel tired and possibly sick! Oh well, you can't win them all.

I travelled home by bus which was OK but not as much fun on a bus full of people from the Hospital.

The Timing sheet for my radio and chemo therapy is now HERE

Downside is that I have to carry on taking the Dexo-I-hate-you pill and possibly double it up to 2 per day again. It depends how the therapy goes and if it makes me feel bad!

I also have to take the Keppra again but only 250mg. It could have been worse....Oh, it is! I have to take anti-biotics on a weekend but chemo tablets all week...but they'll give me more stuff to stop my tummy exploding.

Diary 5