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Diary - Feb 17th '14 to 2nd April '14

Diary 1 - 6th April '14 to 10th April '14

Diary 2 - 12th April '14 to 23rd April '14

Diary 3 - 24th April 2014 to 2nd May '14 (My Birthday)

Diary 4 - 6th May '14 to 9th May '14

Diary 5 - 12th May '14 to 21st May '14

Diary 6 - 21st May '14 to 17th June '14


24th April 2014

Richard, my intelligent son, and I, had a fabulous meeting with Doctor Stephen Kelly at the Derriford Oncology Department today. Dr Kelly is a really nice guy and explained to both of us exactly what would be happening. He was also very interested to know that both Richard and I are members of MENSA and dealt with us intelligently. This made the whole meeting very good and between meeting him and seeing our amazing Oncologist Nurse, Tony Shute, and discussing the drugs I had to take we have a good view of what is going to happen to me.

To add to what will happen we met a fabulous lady (not sure if she was a Nurse??) called Pat who explained how they would make a thermo-plastic mask that I would have to wear for the radio-therapy. Richard used his phone to take photos...

This is the start of the mask when it is heated in hot water until it goes soft. Then it is pushed onto your face, whilst your face is held still, and it becomes a firm fit to your face which allows it to hold your face very still whilst you have the radio-therapy...

This is not mine but a Demo Shell so you can see what will happen.

This will all happen within the next week or so and will be followed by a CT scan which includes an input into my vein to enliven my head so they can see what they need to see and how to put it right.

I just hope they don't use Radio 2 at lunch time as I'm not that keen on Jeremey Vine!

The best and most fabulous news is that Nick, my cousin, and I can go to Switzerland to see the riders of the Swiss Crazy Run. We cannot ride but we can spend a few days there and enjoy their company.


27th April 2014

Had a bit of an upsetting moment today when I went to see my beautiful Daughter-in-Law in Derriford Hospital with her hubby (my son Richard). She has finished her severe Chemotherapy and had the Stem Cell Transplant but she is suffering really badly with the effects. The E-Coli is attacking her - apparently, we all have E-Coli but, with the Chemotherapy, your own version then tries to kill you! She was in a very poor state and made me very sorry to see her like that. She was shivering so much her bed nearly took off. Fortunately the Nurses are well "on the case" and a quick, and thorough injection of Pethadin soon had Samantha looking better and feeling better. If you want to read about all the harrowing Times that Richard and Sam have had then please log into his website

28th April 2014

So what has happened in the last few days.....I've felt better and better, I have a much reduced blood pressure and pulse and I'm over the moon that I'm only taking 3 drugs a day. That's actually only 2 drugs but one is taken twice.

I'm looking forward to having a facemask made and a CT scan and then looking forward to having the Radio and Chemo Therapy. Yes, it won't be good but it's all in a good Andrew cause.

So's you know, you can visit here to see my blood pressure and other medical crap.

You still won't believe how happy Nick and I are with our Switzerland Trip on the 18th June. Tooooo Happppppy! The flight is booked and paid for so all we have to do is rent a car nearer the time.

29th April 2014

Hair cut on 28th...looking good.

30th April 2014

Had a poor night's sleep due to the Keppra thingy drug deciding it would keep me awake until 4am. Then waking me up at 7am. Then me taking the Dexomethasane steroid, which normally knocks me out for an hour or two, deciding to keep me awake!

So, today, I got my mountain bike sorted out and went for a 10 mile ride which was better than walking. Then I received a text from Brenda to say my appointment with Oncology at Derriford is next Tuesday, the 6th May. This is the day that I should receive my Bus Pass at the age of 62 and 4 days old. I'll bet it turns up a few days late!

1st May 2014

Aged 61 years 364 days old and it rains all day! No cycling today then!

I have my Oncology appointment for next Tuesday - 6th May - at 11am to have my Shrek facemask made. Fantastic, this is the day I will be 62 and 4 days old and I should be receiving my bus pass so I can travel to amazing places for nothing. DCC have already said it'll probably be late! So I have an appointment with Oncology...when I leave there is that Offcology? Confused of Ivybridge.

By the by, Nick, my cousin, and I have bought presents for Cedo and Valerie in Estevayer-le-Gibloux. It's where we are going to stay in Switzerland for a few nights and days. It's Cedo's birthday so we have a present for him and a present for Valerie's unbirthday. I've told them we're bringing presents and they said "You are the presents". How amazingly nice was that? I replied that if anyone gave me a couple of presents that were 118 years old between them, I wouldn't be that amused!

Lovely people and all we have to do is wait until the 18th June.

I woke up today and the, evil, swine that blew a blood vessel in Brenda's eye a few weeks ago - think of the Zith Lord, Darth Maul, if you want to know how "bloody she looked? - had attacked me between 7am and 8am. This is after I'd woken at 3am and stayed there for two hours before I got back to sleep again. Now I can frighten all 4 of my grandchildren! Life is fun.

2nd May 2014

It's my birthday and today is fabulous. Brenda and I went and blackmailed my favourite Doctor (Dr Cope) by insisting he had a large piece of my birthday cake. He may eat it and blow an artery it's that good. Thank you Helena for a superb cake that could only be improved by adding custard...which we did.

Everything is OK except for the sleeping bit. I'm back to my special Putnam Foam Pillow and no hat on. I slept until 02.30, thought about things for a couple of hours, took the dexomethasane tablets (both of them) and went and typed a letter to my kids. Then I went back to bed until I was woken by my lovely wife trying to rebuild the bathroom. I gave up and got up at 08.30.

Then we went to see the Doc as he's a good egg and was doing something for us. He cuddled Brenda as he obviously felt sorry for her having to deal with wasn't me rebuilding a bathroom with a mallet!

At 10.15, after deciding that Boots in Ivybridge has seen us for the last time, we picked up Great Granny (my lovely Step-Mother, Denise) and went to Exeter Frame Warehouse to pick up the picture we asked them to frame...

Denise had bought me this for Christmas and she paid for the new frame. It is fabulous. She then paid for lunch at the Haldon Diner and we went to see Katie and the kids. We also saw Richard when he was coming back to Kt's house to get his car after seeing Sam. Sam is better and is managing to eat food well. This is fabulous news.

The only downside was forgetting that you should never argue with an idiot as they will drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience. I forgot this and was beaten by a guy who, hopefully, will be in New Zealand very soon. No relation to me and I had to report him to Facebook as being incredibly rude. His only opinion was what other people told him. A true Boor.

Diary 4