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12th April 2014

Hah! I missed the 11th out. After the rather painful removal of the staples on Thursday, the 11th was really a bit of a no no. My blood pressure stayed quite low until dinner time and therefore the Ramipril, which the nice doctor had changed to 5mg instead of 10mg, wasn't swallowed until lunch time. Then the day carried on in the most boring way...Get up, sit down for a rest. After a sandwich lunch (with the best tasting grapes I've had in a long time) bed for another rest. Up at 3.30pm and downstairs for a sit down and a rest. Richard and family turned up and took Brenda to the Chip shop in Ivybridge. I was craving a cheeseburger and chips. for several days, and the chip shop, although not cheap, does a very good one.

I think I ate mine in 23. That is milliseconds.

I then had to watch everyone else eat food normally...

9.30, eyes are shutting and I need to go to bed for a rest.

Now you know how boring it is trying to get better when you actually think you are better.

Highlight of the day. Talking to friends on the phone who were not expecting to talk to me as they thought I was ill. I have fabulous friends. I have friends who don't want to bother us but get anxious that they are not hearing anything. I have friends that will ring at any time to make sure Brenda is OK and that I'm OK. Basically, I have friends and I am well chuffed that they are interested enough to find out what is happening.

So today. Brenda is taking Kristian and Evie to their swimming lesson. They are both doing very, very well, and have certificates. She will be back at 10.30 and then I'm going to get her to take me to Welbro so I can pay Roy the money I owe him and force a large cake into his mouth. This doesn't actually take much forcing to be honest and I'm quite glad he's never chocked himself to death.

One last bit. I've come to the conclusion that I have a Vampire Ear. See, you lot think I'm nuts already. Ever since the operation my left ear has been partially gunged up. When the nice Doctor looked at it after I passed out on Thursday he declared that the blood was fresh......Yes dear friends. I go to bed at night and as soon as I go to sleep, my ear flies out of the room to get more blood. If this is not true....try to think of an alternative to explain it.

Oh! Another last bit...

The Piranha Nurse....She wasn't happy with me an the 4th April when she wanted to stab me with a needle and I said she couldn't do it until she explained why. She did explain and with a certain sort of churlishness she gave me an injection in my stomach of Warferin (I believe). the following night she asked me if I was in a better mood.....most of the people that I have quizzed about this said they would of slapped her for asking that question. I didn't. I dropped my intellect to her level...that involves saying to yourself "I'm a potato" several thousand times, and said that I was in a good mood. I had two more injections and so you can see the result I have added a photo of my stomach...


The bruise on the right is the first injection she gave me on the 4th....can you spot where she gave me the following 2 injections? If it was on the left.

Todays word is "VINDICTIVE"

Have a lovely day, I'm really looking forward to cake this morning.

A Forceps Dissecting have been taught a completely useless bit of information.

16th April 2014

See, a few quiet days. Jenny, my sister-in-law, came to stay and has helped Brenda out with the kiddywinks. This has freed Brenda up and she hasn't had to work quite so much. She still gets worried about me and I try to stop her worrying about me. I feel OK but I get tired and the eyes really want to drop to sleep. Today I decided to walk to Welbro and see Roy. Please note that this wasn't a cake delivery as it was going to be quite early as our lovely OT lady was coming to see us at 10.30ish.

I made it all the way to Welbro quite easily and then it all went a bit haywire as my blood pressure decided to drop and I had to ring Brenda to come and pick me up. I didn't feel good. Roy helped me out to the car and we came home where Richard helped Mum get me out of the car. The afternoon was spent in bed for nearly 4 hours. The blood pressure has increased but is nowhere near what it used to be. Tomorrow is going to be a day when I check my blood pressure every 4 hours and don't take a pill to reduce it unless it is too high by the evening.

The lovely OT lady (Suzanne) turned up in her VM motorcaravan and let me look in it. It is nice but I do prefer my bigger Renault and I'm looking forward to getting that finished when I feel better.

I've been inundated with cards. Thank you every body and thank you to all the people who have dropped by and said "Hi". It is nice to see and talk with friends.


17th April 2014

A poor day for me. Lack of decent sleep at night and feeling slightly crap when I got up. I was back in bed by 11.15 and slept for an hour. I missed some friends calling by but I was too knackered to get up.

Fred called in to see me at about 3pm and I enjoyed the talk we had. it's now 9.15pm and I'm off to bed as I'm well worn out.

The scar is looking good...apparently. I can't see it unless I take a photo of it.

18th April 2014

Oops! Another poor day. I have managed to get a rash that I was unable to make less itchy. It gave me very little sleep during the night and Brenda managed to get me some oily stuff to add to the bath at lunch time. This managed to allow me to sleep for nearly 2 hours! Woop de do! Then it was a living hell time. Katie arrived and took me to the Devon Doctors at Derriford Hospital and some 3 hours later the Doc gave me some alternative drug to replace the Phenotoin. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight and have a better Saturday.

19th April 2014

Yep, slept much better until 06.30. Took the new load of crap drugs and now I itch like I did before. I honestly think that I shouldn't take any drugs so I stop itching.

20th - 23rd April 2014

4 day review. I got to feel poorly so I stopped taking drugs completely. This seemed to make my brain cope better and my itching to stop. On the 21st I took a Ramipril 10mg to reduce my blood pressure. This worked well and my pulse was reducing to a much more normal rate. On Tuesday 22nd I had an appointment with my Doctor, Dr Cope, and we had a check through of all the drugs, the itchiness and anything else he thought was to be sorted out. I'm only to check my pulse and blood pressure evey other day to see if I need to take another Ramipril. I still don't like the Dexomethasane steroid nor the anti-fit pill that I take in the evening. The good news is that my normal blood pressure is down to 71 which is still a bit higher than normal but a heck of a lot better than nearly the 100 it has been for the last 2 weeks.

I received a letter from the Oncology Department in Derriford who had made me an appointment for the 1st May. Yesterday (22nd April) I received another letter saying the appointment had been cancelled and reset for the 24th April - a week earlier! This has made me happier as we can now find out what is going to happen. I hope Richard can come with me as he will remember the bits we all need to remember.

The other good this one out then...I ordered a new Tilley T5 hat from Outback Trading in Helston on the 17th. These are the people who had supplied my old "lost in Moldova" T5 and Brenda's T5. They got in touch and said they would send it by 1st Class Royal Mail and it should be with me on Saturday as it was Good Friday on the 18th.

Tuesday morning (22nd) and some post arrived, with the new hat, at 08.10. I caught the Postman who explained that it was the Saturday delivery and Tuesday's would appear latter that morning!

Luckily the new T5 was a perfect fit and I am very happy with it as it covers my head scar and keeps the sun off my face.

I am really looking forward to the 2pm appointment with Oncology tomorrow.....

Diary 3