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Diary - Feb 17th '14 to 2nd April '14

Diary 1 - 6th April '14 to 10th April '14

Diary 2 - 12th April '14 to 23rd April '14

Diary 3 - 24th April 2014 to 2nd May '14 (My Birthday)

Diary 4 - 6th May '14 to 9th May '14

Diary 5 - 12th May '14 to 21st May '14

Diary 6 - 21st May '14 to 17th June '14


6th April 2014

The Infamous Blobfish Extraction Strategy swung into action at 7am at Derriford Hospital. Loads of questions to be answered, and then "Zonko" out like a light. I don't remember any input to knock me out but I do remember waking at just after 12am (the surgery started at about 9am) and being so amazingly happy that I was alive. I was in Recovery with 3, that's right, 3 beautiful girls who seemed to enjoy my company and we had a great time (that would be slightly subjective as I was pretty sure my head fell off several times) before they sent me to Moorgate Ward.

Arrival at the Ward was efficient and I was scurried into a corner next to the entrance of the Ward. Brenda had been rung by the Amazingly Nice Wonderful Surgeon (She now has another name to contend with) and she was told to see me in Recovery.

OK, How the hell "Nice" are these people. I can't even quantify their level of niceness!

In Moorgate the world became more real. The recovery girls were still my favourite 'cos they were fun and nothing was too much for them. Apparently they told Brenda that I had spoken about her for over an hour, in Recovery, and how much I loved her. Blast! That'll make her cocky!

Moorgate Ward was OK. I'd had a Morphine drip put into my arm in Recovery that had "ZERO" effect on me. I knew that and the wonderful Anaesthatist stepped the stuff up to a pain killer that worked. All hail the Anaesthatist.

So, Thursday afternoon and the Blobfish may have been sent away completely. I hope so, but I will carry on with everything they say I need to do to make sure.

Thursday evening and night.

The pain killer machine is good. The pain killing bit OK but it allowed me to wake up and hit the button in my hand and go back to sleep,

4th April 2014

This was not going to be a good day...

Slept well, pain killer device removed, Canulas removed, Andy spots that the bandage over the artery on my right hand has a date on it.....3rd April 2013.......WHAT! Have I slipped forward in time....No, just a small mistake easily thrown in the bin.

I don't remember much about the day. Why? Because I couldn't wear my glasses (repair above left ear that looks really icky so I couldn't wear my glasses) and I was so happy all I could do was look like a loon and smile a lot.

Oh dear, now it goes a bit pear shaped and I'm really sorry that I have to be slightly (I did say "slightly") more serious as the next bit nearly had me walking home.

To explain....if you don't want the next bit of crap then slide on down, 'cos I, sure as eggs, don't want it.

They moved me out ot the room I was in where they keep an eye on me, to a room where you become a body. Some of those people are bodies with such extreme mental disability that it makes you cry to hear them. I'm not one of those but I can take my lumps and would stay and take what was coming.

During that day I'd had my blood pressure checked several times and it had been too high all the time. In the next room I was, attacked - I'm sorry but that seems like the only word that makes sense to me - by a nurse and a career. They wanted to give me an injection......

Oh! The F**k you are. Blood pressure too high, in a strange room, not at all happy, and you want to stick me with a pin...NO, NO, NO. We will discuss this so you can tell me why you want to stick me with a pin. They didn't seem too keen on that but it did happen......otherwise I would have sat in the waiting room until I could get home.

No, I don't have a problem with injections, What I have is a problem with is people thinking I'm a blithering idiot and they don't have to be nice a polite about the whole thing. Please note. My son and I are both Members of Mensa, we both have very high IQ's. I can hurt people with words without them realising I did it. You will not abuse me. Now F*** Off and leave me alone. The last bit didn't happen.

We discussed it and once the piranha lady got me to agree she stuck the needle in my stomach so well the bruise is just over 1". Strange that the following night, when I was nice to them, there is no bruise??

I then settled down to sleep. They'd given me Paracetemol and left me alone. It was 10pm. I had told them that Paracetemol would work for 2 hours only....they didn't believe me....Dear friends, guess who didn't lie and was right?

12.05, my heart is beating so hard that I thought that the amazing hole in the left hand side of my head (it is the size a jumbo jet) was going to pop out and I could watch my brain escape.

I had to do something. I got out of bed, this is a guy who really didn't want to walk anywhere in his condition, took the crap that was attached to the bottom of my bed, walked to the Nurses station and put it on the desk. I then said "Could someone please tell me when I last had Ramipril please, I'm going to the loo"? In case you don't know, Ramipril lowers the blood pressure. I've taken it for 5 years or more (Honest, I'm sick!).

On my way back from the loo....I can only laugh now....6 people with mouths open when they realised someone had missed the drug off my list and my brain wanted to leave! That's what it felt like to me.

The Nurses can't give me Ramipril, Thank goodness that I had my own. Back into bed and the pain starts. My head has a piece of bone, about 5" across, held in with three stainless steel plates and several screws. If you want to know "painful," I'll send you a photo of my head and after you've thrown up you can appreciate the artistry of the amazingly nice surgeon.

Now it's getting beyond my comprehension. They've been told that I'm the opposite to an idiot (a bigger idiot perhaps) and that pain killers have never worked successfully on me.

They suggested Oramorph. It's a liquid, it lasted 30 minutes. I stayed awake all night trying to Yoga my mind into staying aboard. It was BLOODY FRIGHTENING!

5th April 2014 6am....Oh goodness, please let me walk home...I'll be good...honest. I won't hurt anyone...I'm sure I could do it in a couple of hours...PLEASE.

I took refuge in the Waiting Room until Katie, my daughter could rescue me. Then we had the pow-wow with a Doctor I've never met before. Katie told him about me. It may have been, "Hurt my Dad and I'll hurt you". I wanted to go home. I hate stupidity, I'm allergic to it. This had been the worst day in my life.

They agreed to put me in my own room and leave me alone. F*** that, give me a key so I can lock the stupid bastards out.

The day was better. I refuse to fill you in on how mentally deficient some of the staff have been towards me. I can only presume that their actions are normal. You may need to know how I was polite to them that night and didn't get a bruise on my stomach from the injection by Piranha Lady.

6th April 2014

I had 3 dreams.....I'm going to kill that Sandman. That's just cruel and spiteful. I had refused the pain killers and slept reasonably well (Sandman you are so toast). The morning has been good. The door is shut, the temperature is correct, I had some pain but it was exterior to my skull and not interior. I cold sit/lie and stare at the wall until someone pestered me.

I saw Katie at 9am, I saw Denise at 11am, I had a sleep between 2pm and 3pm - the bit where I nearly bit my tongue off is really, really going to give that bloody Sandman a hard time....You're not even toast now mate!

The Doctor came in when Katie was there and said I could go home. I suggested Monday as that would allow Brenda time to panic and get Bernard Smith out of the house (so gonna get Hornets sent to him).

Brenda came in at 3pm and left at 7pm. Lovely. I have my computer and my brain seems to have settled down.


7th April 2014

I'm sorry to inform you that I need some help. This is a very simple job that we can all participate in but it will take everyone to do it. It's not difficult. All you will need is a wooden spoon.

I need that blasted Sandman killed.

The night before last....3 dreams that just were not good. If he sends those to any of my Grandchildren, he's toast. Last night, after obviously hearing my threats of physical violence from the previous night, he left me alone until I dropped off. My idea of dropping off was to gently slide into a nice relaxing sleep.....NO! Not the Sandman's idea...wait until Andy is asleep and go and attack his head with an axe. OK, I may be slightly exaggerating, I woke at 05.25 and thought my head was building a new tunnel. I appreciate that the wound on my head is covered by staples and sticky bits and I believe that they put some sort of pain killer there as well.....It's wearing off....Don't like it....Kill the Sandman...I like that idea.

Today I'm in the Village of the Damned still. Later on I will escape, courtesy of my gorgeous wife, and I will be able to see and hear normal people when I get home. The pills are working and I reckon I'm OK for at least 1 or 2 hours. They want to come and check that I will be OK at that compared with not being OK at the Hospital? Too many questions that have answers that "they" really don't know.

Thank goodness that I'm alive and that I have friends who now how nuts I am.

Same day but the afternoon...

Hahahahahahaha, I've got 3 metal plates in my head that hold my skull together. There is at least 6 screws. THIS IS LIKE CHRISTMAS. Metal dead jealous are you? The down side is that they wouldn't fit a USB port. Never mind. I will be pointing at my metal plates at every opportunity. There is no relief from the stupidity.

During the middle of the day, Brenda and I met the surgeons that did the job, the Nurse that contacts us and let's us know what is going to happen and a lovely guy who will be a Doctor soon and wants to present my case to a meeting this afternoon. All these people will be named on this page soon. It will make no difference to them that I have no idea how to thank them. They have done what they are paid to do and they didn't need me to say "Thank you". I did, and I will always smile when I remember them. I've told them that should they need a leg, heart, spleen, kidney, or anything....I will donate. These people are my heroes.


8th April 2014

Still smiling....even more actually! They managed to get the medicines sorted out last night and we got home at 6.30pm. We had to stop at the little Tescos to get some bread and so I could stare at the people in the parking lot and watch them go slightly green when they looked at my head. None of them puked.....I'm not so happy about that!

Back home and we had a delicious tea of chicken and bits of which, as I'm not a Teacher of the Dark Arts, I cannot tell you about. Denise did it and it was delicious. At 9.45pm I gave up and went to bed. We tried to use some of the "new" pain killers until they decided that they wanted to burrow out of my stomach. I woke at 6am and decided that there wasn't a pain bad enough to make me take pain killers. Brenda got up at 7am and I stayed on until 7.45. I'd already shaved my face the night before, so I looked almost presentable, and so it was check e-mails and internet and then hobble downstairs. The downstairs bit was an interesting place to get to as the head was going a bit "whibble, whibble" but no pain killers.

All I've done today is sit in my bouncy chair and ring my friends up to let them know I was at home. I've watched about 70 minutes of TV and that's enough really. Brenda has gone up to Richard's house to look after Kristian and Evie whilst Richard takes Samantha to the Hospital to start her next, and hopefully last, dose of Chemo Therapy to finish her Leukaemia.

I have not taken any pain killers today....and you really could not expect that so shortly after having your head drilled.

Pictures....please don't vomit.
Right hand side....looking normal
Middle - showing puncture wound to left of forhead and bruise to left of chin. Funny lumps on head made of cotton wool.
Bleck, this is just not good. Thursday will not get here quick enough to remove these bits. Hopefully the bruising will be better. I can't see the metal bits (BOO) but you can nearly see the staples.
Staples! YES!

9th April 2014

It was a Wednesday....that was about the highlight of the day.

At 10.30 some friends came to see me and we discussed who was the most ill. I'm not sure if they won or I did as some of what they told me made me want to be ill.

1pm....couldn't keep my eyes open or pointing in the right direction. Bed...3.15pm awake but wishing I wasn't. Bleeding knackered.

Ktistian and Evie were at my house and it was great for Grampy to see them and interact with them. Surely they know I'm mad?

Richard came at 6pm and picked the kiddywinks up and told us all about how he'd been bitten by a dog today. So, Sam's in hospital having her chemo ( and Richard is late getting there because he's bitten by a dog and has to have aTetanus shot and a bit of filler to sort the wound out. Something is very wrong with the World.

Bed at 10pm and asleep until 01.30ish....PAIN.

10th April 2014

The yucky, sticky stuff they've put on my head has worn off. I managed to sleep (it was a very light sleep) until 6am when a dose of pills and pain killers let me sleep until 8am. This morning the local Health Centre's Nurse will pull the staples out of my head and we'll see how interesting the wound is.


OK, the little holes are where the stapled the cotton wool on. The red line is the cut where they took the skull apart. Hah! Hope you've fetched up.

The visit to the Nurse at Ivybridge Health Centre was interesting. I gave the Nurse the staple removing tool and said I wanted it back. She asked "Why?", I replied that I hadn't got one of those tools and therefore would like to keep it (sick puppy or what?). She then proceeded to take the cotton wool off and tell me that there was nearly 40 staples....I felt nearly every one until the very last one when my brain decided to think about something else and not involve me. OUT LIKE A LIGHT. They got me from the chair to the bed and then started to look at what was wrong. I'd had breakfast an hour before but the combination of pain and nausea was enough to switch me off. They checked my blood...Yep, got some, and then checked my blood pressure...or total lack of it. I've always had a reasonable blood pressure but now it was out on holiday 80-50. If you know what that means you'll understand how I didn't feel...GOOD...that's how I didn't feel.

An hour later and two visits from a nice Doctor and I'd got to a point where it would be OK to wheelchair me to the car and flop down on my bouncy chair at home.

Very subdued until after a sandwich and then a I had a good friend, Martin, call in to see me. This was good as it made me concentrate on making tea, supplying biscuits, and having a good chat.

I checked my blood pressure at 3pm and it was 127-82...hey, I'm still alive. The head feels funny but doesn't hurt as much as this morning.

Tomorrow will dawn as a new day for me. Nothing planed but I may have enough energy to stand up!

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