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My name is Andy Lander Stow. I was born in 1952 so at the time of writing this I'm 60 years old. I have been riding motorbikes since 1968 when I passed my test on a BSA Bantam, D7, 175cc, two-stroke motorbike. I have owned a lot of bikes but consider that I now own 4 of the best bikes that are fit for the purpose I use them for.
My 2000 Honda F6C - more romantically named as a Honda Valkyrie in the US of A.
I've owned the Honda since 2003 when I got rid of my poorly built 'new' Yamaha FJR1300 - Owning that bike made me swear that I would never buy a new bike from Yamaha UK again. I see no reason to change my mind yet.
My 2006 - last of the carbed versions - Fazer 1000. A fabulous all-rounder and one that I enjoy hooning on. This photo was taken on the trip to the Corniche des Cevennes
My 1998 TTR250 Trail Bike - a fabulous tool for exploring the 1800+ green lanes of Cornwall and Devon.
I've owned this bike for several years now and I've had a lot of fun on it.
My 2003 Yamaha XT600E - to see the modifications I've made for this please click on the "Round the World" link above.
No doubt you'll be wondering about my statement above that I wouldn't buy a bike from Yamaha Uk and yet I own 3 Yamahas? The TTR is a grey import. The Fazer 1000 and XT600E were bought second hand off of Ebay. The Fazer was part-ex'd for a Triumph and the XT was sold to buy a house. None of my Yamaha purchases helped Yamaha UK at all. Yes, I can hold a grudge!