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8th July '14 - Tuesday

OK, so it's only 03.40 in the morning and my sleep has decided to have a rest by staying awake! Therefore I've decided to change my website as my recent illness - Blobfish Removal from above my left ear - has been put into hold until we, my family and I, get the results in later July.

So, what happened as my Diary on my Medical pages was stopped on the 17th June '14....

The Radiotherapy all went a bit wrong at the end of my treatment and the machines packed up on the weekend that started with the "Friday the 13th June!" The main power feed to the three Radiotherapy machines was cut off, and then when it started, the machines wouldn't restart! My Medical Review was on the Monday morning was but the therapy was not carried out until 5pm! The Tuesday treatment was carried out at 08.48 on the Tuesday morning. Job done! Now I could go to Switzerland, the following day, to watch, and meet our Swiss friends, who would be doing the Swiss Crazy Run 2014.

Nick Carter, my cousin who lives in Great Rollright, met me at the Bristol Airport and we flew out to Geneva. We'f booked a Skoda Rapid for £150.60 for the 4 days from 2pm 18th (Weds) to 2pm 22nd (Sun). When we finally manged to get the payment and deposit paid (a problem with the Post Office Credit Card) and discovered that they'd changed the car to a VW Passat Estate! Wow! This was an improvement and we had a great ride to the restaurant we shared with our lovely Yorkshire man, Yan Le Mar. Yan was riding his Harley-Davidson 1200 and had met us at Geneva Airport. We'd followed him to the Restaurant but I've no memory of the name but the food was great.

Then we said "Bye, see you tomorrow at Cedo and Valerie's in Estavayer-le-Gibloux" and we did a lovely ride past Lausanne to Estavayer where we started a brilliant 4 day meeting.

The following day (Thu 19th June '14) it was Cedo's birthday and we had presents for him and Valerie. Cedo had already said that there wouldn't be a fee for either Nick and me and we decided that we needed to get good presents for them both. Brenda (my gorgeous wife) and I went to a local H-D dealer and got fleeced buying 2 T-shirts. £51.05 with ZERO discount! I wouldn't buy a bike from them and I'm not telling you their name as they certainly don't deserve it.

Nick had a 2 week holiday in America, and bought a couple of American T-shirts for Cedo and Valerie so we waited until Cedo's birthday before we gave them the presents. Nick had also bought a lot of H-D and Motorbike posters/adverts and gave them to Cedo on the day before his birthday. This is to finish his Museum at his house which will look amazing when he's stuffed all of the adverts on the walls.

Nick and I had the room that had three beds but nobody came in with us so the slowly increasing illness of my Radio'd head meant I could get a good nights hoped at the time. This worked well for me as I could go to bed at 11pm and leave Nick chatting with cedo and Valerie and trying to consume all of cedo's booze. Luckily Yan had asked us to take 30 plus tins of Guiness for Cedo, when he met us at the Airport, so booze wasn't very low in storage.

Cedo's Birthday - 19th June - Cedo spent the whole day, after the SCR2014 had started at 06:00, just sitting around and amusing both Nick and I as well as getting Yan and his wife (forgotten her name), and another two friends who decided that the husband would burn his back by Sun. He also had a rather large "Pick-up Truck".

Yep! It's got a RAM1500 engine. I have no idea but I think it was nearly 6ltrs in power!


Yan Le Mar and his wife turned up in the afternoon and we just had a great Birthday "Booze & Food" day.

During the next day, Friday 20th June, Yan drove our Passat with his wife, Nick and I, to see the Indian dealer in Seedorf, near Aarberg, 40 miles from Cedo's.

I'd e-mailed the owner of PM American Cyles AG to make sure that they had the Indians as I wanted to see the fabulous Chieftain. They replied and we got there quite early. They no longer sell the H-D's as the Indian, appears to me, as a much better set of bikes and PM's also sold the Victory range.

Yes, If I win the British Lottery, I'll buy one. Down side is that Switzerland VAT is only 8% so I'd get 8% off of 30,500CHF - £20,333 less 8% = £18,826. The downside would be riding it back to the UK and paying 20% VAT when I get to the UK - plus £3765 and therefore becoming £22,591 for a bike that is only £20,499 in the UK.

Oh well, it is a fabulous bike to look at and my dreams will carry on. I think my main dream is winning the Lottery though! Yan, his wife, and me went out int he afternoon and waited at the Jaunpasse for the SCR14 riders to arrive back at the last Col. I got two photos of the riders and I think Christian Buri wanted a bigger photo as he was late arriving at Jaunpasse.

Nope, I can't remember all the names
See, bigger picture and I know his name, but I'm not telling you it's Christian!

Saturday we had a great time with Cedo and Valerie as Nick had bought and brought Haggis as Didier (the organiser of the Swiss Crazy Run) had asked us to bring "English Haggis". This didn't happen as Nick and I realised that Haggis is only Scottish but Nick had brought two lots of Haggis and we told the Swiss to serve it with mashed potato and Harricot Vert. This made it much nicer than us being forced to eat Turnip/Swede - also known as "Neeps"!

Saturday had been a good day but the following morning it was a trip to Didier's brother-in-law's house for Nick and I. We said "Bye" and drove a mile down the road to pick up some sausages and cheese - FOC!

Then it was a nice drive to geneva which becomes really unbearable when you have to book into the airport. By the time we'd booked in and sat in the room where the EasyJet gateway was we only had 40 mins before the plane took off! No time for food.

The 4 day trip to Switzerland was fantastic. The only downside for me was the disimprovement of my health as the Radiotherapy was still buring my left ear and the left-hand side of my head. I am now bald on the left-hand side above my ear! The ear was also bleeding a bit and the hearing got worse from my left ear. Nevermind, this will get better with I said to myself!

The ride back home was good, as Katie (my lovely daughter) had nicked our car and come to get us. We dropped Nick around to where he'd parked his car, swapped the cake, chocolate and cheese to even the volume between us, and said "Bye". We got home at about 6pm.

Since then my health has suffered a bit and it's due to the Radiotherapy still burning the inside of my ear and head. In the two weeks from my return my head is now beginning to work better although my hearing is a bit out on the left. Nevermind, it will get better with time.

I had a MRI scan, with increased contrast drug, last Saturday (5th July 3pm) and the contrast drug wound me up and gave me a really "wired up" Saturday night. This then took it's own back on the Sunday and made me have a very slow day!

Yes, I feel better. I've stopped taking the sleeping tablets, I can walk a bit better, I'm doing a few hours of work on the van conversion and I've worked out what batteries and watertank I need for the motorcaravan conversion. Life is feeling good.....apart from it's still very early for me today and I'm going to pop back to bed a for a couple of hours I think.


11th July 2014

All seems to be getting better slowly with time. Paul and Lyn, owners of and Paul's ploughing, make them both good people to talk to. They turned up on Tuesday (8th)and Paul needs a new laptop computer. This should be delivered to me today so I can prepare it's running so Paul finds it better to use.

Thursday 10th, I called into see Roy at Welbro Engineering and he had time to change the width of the seats we're fitting in the back of the motorcaravan. I've picked the same "Skid Seats" that Jim Pinnock picked, but I'm hiding the steel tubes behind plywood so the seats look slightly better to me as you will not see the steel tubes. The seat frames are 20mm closer together which should allow me to cover the seats with plywood and carpet. I may find out this morning. Roy also welded the mounting brackets to the seats so we can fit lap safety belts to keep children happy in the back when the van is being used.

So, what else has happened.

Jessica, my niece from Canada, has come over for a 5 week holiday and it's been a long time since we'd seen her. She is off to France with Granny Stow tonight and we hope she has a good time seeing our Cousins, Nanou and Roger, as well as having a break, at my brother Dominic's house, in Ozier near Limoges.

The last couple of days have been a bit hard for me and Brenda but we had superb news about our gorgeous Daughter-in-law yesterday. Samantha is looking good, feeling better and Derriford Hospital has decided she only needs to go to see them once a week (Wednesday) instead of Mon, Weds and Friday. This makes Richard and Sam a lot happier as the Stem Cell Transplant seems to be working for a good future with Sam and Richard. It is well worth reading Richard's blog here.


14th July 2014 - my, gorgeous, daughter's birthday - Katie Stanbury.

It's 04:29 as I write this as I have a throat problem causing me to cough. No, it's not feeling like a cold it seems to be a cough. All our 4 grandchildren have had the cough as well as Denise. Oh well, no doubt it will get better soon. This week is a good week. I plan on sorting the mattress out for the Motorcaravan we are building as it has to fit at 6ft 4ins in length and 4ft 6ins in width but not where we get on it as it's only 3ft 6ins. You'll see a photo when we've done, with a bit of luck!

Brenda and I had our eye sights tested on Saturday at Specsavers in Plymstock. The reading for me was a lot different to the one that Boots did for me 2 months ago and I've written to Spex4less to see if they can change the glasses I ordered from them. It would appear that Boots put too much strength in the "distance" part of the varifocal lens and I can't see past about 20ft with the right hand lens. The electronic reading from Specsavers seems far more accurate than the manual version Boots did. The down side is that I could have ordered new frameless glasses from Specsavers at £30 less than from Spex4less! Oh well, I'll report that back when I get a reply as to cost to put the new ones right!

Yesterday (13th Sunday) Brenda and I went to Paul and Lyn's to drop off a lot of the Motorcycle stuff he lent me. We've taken it back as I do not have the time/energy/brain to get the van converted as fast as I would like. We hope that Cedo, Valerie and Didier (Swiss Crazy Run) are coming to stay in August so we need to get all the van kit - stored in the spare double bedroom - out of the house.

We had a great meal with Paul and Lyn and I took Paul's new laptop which I had set up for him a couple of days ago. I hope Paul will be able to update himself to use it.

A couple of days ago I found the other hole in my head that the surgeon (amazing Miss Anne Moore) had made to get my skull apart. It's directly behind my left ear and at 1pm if you want to know where it is. It's probably why I ordered the frameless glasses so it didn't press on the hole when the skin was swollen. It's a lot more comfortable but my left ear hearing is still a bit weird.

My brain was kept awake at 3am as I need to repair the fence in the garden. This is the fence on the left between us and John and June next door. I'm thinking of using concrete posts with concrete lower panels so the wooden fence will just slot in. Still thinking.

My cough has got slightly better so I suppose I can pop back to bed now without waking Brenda...I hope. I've looked up the availability of concrete posts in Plymouth and my brain seems reasonably happy about where I can order them. I wonder when I'll get around to it?

15th July 2014

Ha ha. It's 03:29 and my lungs are making a noise with this strange cold/cough. Brenda decided to take me to the Doctor yesterday and they've given me some anti-biotics to help the cough. I was hoping it would get rid of it but I end up with a noise as I breath in. Oh well, I'll try and get rid of this noise before I go back to sleep again.

Yesterday Brenda and I managed to get our new 6ft 6ins x 5ft mattress to fit the motorcaravan. We cut it back to 6ft 4ins by 4ft 6ins as well as syphoned/wedged it where it passes the toilet/shower room. It looks good but to cut the foam we used an electric saw until it burnt out before we could finish. Luckily the foam and spring mattress did allow me to glue a new edge on and the thing fits well.

That was all we had time, and energy, to do, but it was a good day where we saw Fred Philpot and his new KTM 1190R Adventure. He popped in to see me and it was a quick chat as Katie, Mike, Jessica and Heidi called over to see us on Kt's birthday. This meant the mattress wasn't done until the afternoon which is when I was quite tired. Never mind. It all got done and now I need to find a dust sheet to put over it whilst I finish the cabinets that will be in the bedroom. Pictures to follow.


20th July 2014

Oh crap! We went to see the Oncology people at Derriford Hospital and they said that I would be taking the "super-duper" drugs during a 5 day moment every 4 weeks. This is taken at 400mgs so that it works out my