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The seat was polished by untold backsides during the 142,000k's this bike had done. Everytime you slowed down (a prodigeous feat with seized front calipers), you'd slide into the tank. It went well and handled very well. I enjoyed this bike even tho' it was a nail. This piccy was taken at the top of Mount Victoria (c'mon Albert) overlooking Wellington at 06.00hrs, just before I caught the ferry to the South Island.

This is the BMW850GS that I hired in the second week of the NZ trip. It was very uncomfortable as the seat wouldn't let you move back and forth. Telelever forks are good for braking but I don't like them leaning on "choppy" sufaces. This piccy was taken near the Waiotapu Thermal Park south of Rotorua. I went there for the day on the bike. Just behind the bike and to the left is the wooden railing stopping you from falling in to the boiling mud which the railing post is stuck in!
A 1991 Yamaha FJ1200 which I thought was absolutely brilliant but it didn't have shaft drive!
My first new bike, a Honda CX650 Turbo. I had the first one in the country and it was fantastic. I lent it to a mate of mine who wrote for the magazine "Motorcycle Sport" and he did a 6 page article on it as well as saying how well I kept my bikes.
It would cruise through town traffic just like a 650cc bike but when the turbo came in at 65mph in top gear, there wasn't a bike that could stay with it in a top gear roll on competition! It had 100bhp and 73ftlb of torque. My FJR1300 is 147bhp and 92ftlb and the FJ was 72ftlb!
Crap picture due to crap camera and inclement weather!
The gearbox was a bit notchy but it cruised at 120 quite easily with 40mpg.
My old Alfa-Sud Sprint Veloce in the background. The best sports car I've owned/driven. Too dammed expensive to run though!
This picture was taken the day I sold the bike which was the day before it was "written-off"!
The bloke that bought it from me rode into a parked car. He ordered a new one the following week!
This was my Norton Interstate 850cc 1975. It only had 3,000 miles on the clock when I bought it and I probably didn't do more than an extra 6k with it. I bought it for £1150 and sold it for £1250 2 years later!
It took me to Ivybridge from where we lived near Aylesbury but on the way back it trashed it's exhaust. The left hand silencer split in half and the pipes came loose in the head. Mick Hemmings in Northampton fitted new inserts into the head and I fitted Mick's own racing front pipes (they hugged the frame more) after having them chromed (£36). 2 new reverse cone silencers as per original and it was back on track!
The front disc brake is in the original position but it caused the bike to steer to the left if you went "hands off". By changing the front forks round, so the caliper was on the left in front of the fork leg, it cured it!
Top speed 127mph
Sorry about the poor quality of the piccy - it was all red in the album due to it not being fixed properly when we had it printed!
An unprepossessing bike! The Yamaha XS650 - aka the "Black Sheep", due to the fact it was the only bike Yamaha made that wasn't fast and didn't handle. An interesting ride though!
Looked like the old Triumphs and very similar to the Kawasaki W650. Top speed 105mph.
Strange to think this was the first bike Richard sat on....a 600+cc bike with engine bars and 23 years later he's got a 600cc bike with engine bars!
Richard's Bikes
Richard's new Renntec engine bars
from the rear


from the side

Picking up on 3rd May '03, 2003 model XJR130
After getting P**sed off with Yamaha Uk regarding their refusal to pay for the "duff" valve guides on my FJR, I part-ex'd it for a Valkyrie. This is the best motorbike I've ever owned and I can see why people rave about them after they've ridden them. It is smooth, cool running (for the rider), vibration free, easy to maintain (screw & locknut adjustment for the valve clearances), and the most fun to ride. All things the FJR wasn't!
Richard & Sam at The Ace Cafe!
Taken Today 4th Jan 2004
For those of you that didn't know....for the last 21 years I've owned a Kawasaki KT250 Trials bike.
It's now sold as I've got a BSA B40 trials bike to replace it.
Richard n Sam as well as me n Brenda have recently bought one of these each. Ours are slightly different as we have orange front mudguards!
Are we allowed to have this much fun though?
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