Who I am?
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Oh this one is going to be hard to understand...
Take a man born in 1952 and instill in him a high IQ (Ex-member of Mensa) and an ability to undestand all things engineering and a mastery of electrical componentry as well as giving him reasonable IT skills.
Then marry him to a beautiful and adored wife for 38 years and give him two fabulous kids who then give him 3 gorgeous grand-children.
Then throw the pinch of zest into the mixture that says that he can never rest but must always strive for the impossible/improbable and succeed where others may fail.
Told you it would be difficult didn't I?
To sum it up more succinctly I suppose....Brash, arrogant, stubborn, know-it-all, smart-arse! Who unfortunately does get things done.
I would ask anyone who knows me to drop me an e-mail with their thoughts on me and I'll post them up here.
I live in Ivybridge, South Devon, but I originally come from Oxford. I have had so many jobs since I left school (no, I wasn't asked to leave) that I couldn't even try to remember them all. I am now a self-employed Engineer who does some work for the MoD and looks after people's, and companies, computers.
I don't drink alcohol, as I can't stand the taste, nor do I eat fish or eggs unless you want to see projectile vomiting. My earliest memory is spitting a piece of egg out!
I've ridden a bicycle over 880 miles in less than 5 days and I successfully completed the Pari-Brest-Paris cycle ride in 1999.
I can get by in French but get lost in all other languages.
I love motorbikes and at the moment I own a Honda Valkyrie 1520cc and a Yamaha TTR250. The Yam is used for greenlaning in Devon and Cornwall as we have over 1700 lanes to ride in the two Counties. I've led rides for large and small groups of green laners and I've organised several large groups to cycle and see the Tour de France.
I can rebuild almost any engine as long as I've got decent hand tools and my improvisation skills are good. I was a mechanic from 1970 to 1984 when I decided to hang up the spanners for a Rep's job.
I am an apprentice altruist, I like helping others!
WARNING...I don't suffer fools at all.
If all this blurb has put you off then many thanks for reading my website and I wish you well with your own adventure/s. If you think you could put up with my company for a possible three months going to see the statue of Chinggis Khaan and the return journey then please get in touch.
I will be leaving for Mongolia in mid-May and going via
Channel Tunnel

I got a 'multi-entry Russian Visa and a dual entry mongolian visa. I ddin't get a Kazakhstan visa though!
The route home is to be planned 'on the hoof'.
I want to see the Gobi and Lake Baikal.
I will be camping wherever possible and as cheaply as possible.
I will be taking 'professional' tools - I used to be a mechanic.
I have an auxilliary 46lts tank and a 10ltr Jerry Can so I can cover at least 600 miles between fill-ups.
I intend to make friends along the route with the indiginous population of the area. This may not happen in Western Europe so much as I have friends there already.
I will be using maps and GPS.
I am proficient with computers so I'll be either keeping a blog or maintaining a website as I go.
I do not want to tie myself to a budget or a timescale. .
I'm going to have fun and enjoy whatever surprises occur along the route.
I do not believe in any religion
I do not drink alcohol as I don't like either the taste or what it does to me. I have no objections to other people drinking though.