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Welcome to My Ramblings and all of my Unadulterated Crap!
In memory
.IMPORTANT NOTICE: My father, Andrew Lander Stow, passed away in St Luke's Hospice, Plymouth, Devon on the 10th January 2015 after a long fight against a brain tumour. He was an amazing man and is sorely missed. It has taken me this long to find the courage to put his message on his website and I do not intend on making any other changes to it. He had an amazing funeral that was attended by many friends and was carried in the most beautiful coffin. You can see further information and more about what my family and I thought of my father here.
Please note that this website is owned by me and that I'm British European...NOT American.

On this website you will find the writings of all my motorcycle travels, there will be some other links taking you to even more written sh1te and, strangely, what happens to an older man when his brain tries to climb out of his head! If you think I'm having a laugh, read the Blobfish Removal bit. Don't get depressed though, as I'm probably one of the most positive characters you would never want to meet. In the paraphrased words of the great Oisin Hughes "I ain't dead yet"!

So, peruse the site, which will have loads of spelling mistakes and broken links -'cos that's how I ride - and see if there's anything that would give you an indication as to why this idiot would be able to join Mensa?
Have fun and if you want to contact me, I'll stick a link up later...if I haven't done it already.
I've finished the Medical inputs as the Radio and Chemo Therapies were finished on the 17th June 2014. I flew to Switzerland on the 18th with Nick Carter (my Cousin in Great Rollright), to watch the riders in the Swiss Crazy Run, and came back home on the 22nd June 2014.
This is 18 of the 19 SCR2014 riders as they arrive at the Col Jaun - the final Col!